History of Navix Group

Navix Europe GmbH is a service company of language professionals providing multilingual translation, interpretation, and a variety of coordinated business services that bridge communication and connect our clients with the world.

Founded in Shinagawa, Tokyo in 1989 as Navix Co., Ltd., we’ve since expanded internationally in order to meet the shifting demands of both the modern marketplace and our clients. New branches were opened in Bangkok, Thailand in 1995 and in Shanghai, China in 2005, a new printing office was established in Torun, Poland in 2008, and in August 2010 we opened a representative office in the heart of Europe in Frankfurt, Germany.  In March 2012 the Frankfurt branch was converted from a representative office to a full scale local subsidiary with a new operations office at Konstablerwasche in the center of Frankfurt, and Navix Europe GmbH was born. In May 2016 the company has moved their office to Düsseldorf. Cooperating with our head branch in Tokyo and our network of offices in Shanghai and Bangkok, we strive to meet our goal of offering the most expedient and thorough business communication services to all of our international clients.

Through accurate translation and interpretation services, we facilitate communication and connect people from all corners of the globe.  We make it our mission to contribute to the development of our clients’ growing businesses and the expansion of their networks.  By always keeping one step ahead in the face-paced modern business world and providing an array of adaptable and detailed services, we ensure that all of our clients’ various needs will be quickly met.

With 20-plus years of global industry experience, Navix has established a solid foundation built upon a relationship of mutual trust with our clients.  We provide high-caliber translations and communication services in a timely fashion, focusing on quality, speed, and attentive service in order to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our partners and customers.  We aim towards building strong fiduciary relations with our clients to create, foster, develop and maximize promising opportunities.