Purpose and Use and Handling of Personal Information

1.    Acquisition and purpose of use of personal information
Navix Europe GmbH will collect personal information as it pertains to business only for the following purposes of use:
For the online registration and business referrals of translators and interpreters

2.    The provision of information to third parties
Navix Europe GmbH provides personal information to third parties under the following circumstances:

  • Introducing  potential translators or interpreters when requested by the client
  • When it is completely necessary in the course of business, and we have obtained consent from the owner of the information
  • In cases where it is required by law

3.    Disclosure, revision, and cease of use of personal information
If you wish to disclose, modify, correct, or delete your personal information that has been registered with Navix Europe GmbH, please first enquire via email.  After we have confirmed your identity as the owner of the information via telephone, we will be glad to assist you.  In the event of requests for deletion, we will delete all relevant information stored at Navix Europe GmbH.

Please note that in the event that we are not provided with the necessary information, there may be cases in which we are unable to provide the desired service.  

Navix Europe GmbH
Hiroko Sato/Managing Director

Date enacted:  November 1st, 2011