Our Interpreters

Navix Europe GmbH offers interpreting services.  Our registered interpreters are all professional specialists with a high degree of experience, and our selection of interpreter will always be made in order to suit our clients’ desired area of business and particular demands. Furthermore, dispatch will occur only after a client’s confirmation.  We are able to provide a wide range of assistance for our clients, from supporting partners on business trips from Japan to Europe , US, Canada or Asia to urgent personnel support for on-site meetings. Contact or requests can be made easily via telephone or email.

Interpreting Fee

We offer a range of interpreting services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a simultaneous conference interpreter or consecutive business interpreter, we have the right interpreter for your needs.

The interpreting fee varies depending on the number of days interpreting services are required, the total number participants at meetings, the types of interpreting, the types of special knowledge required, the industry, and the modes of interpreting services.

Types of Interpreters Available
・Conference interpreter – to serve at an international conference or symposium
・IR interpreter
・Business interpreter – to serve at business meetings and internal meetings in general
・Legal interpreter - for legal meetings at law firms and/or court proceedings
・Media interpreter – to serve at press conferences and/or interviews with the media
・Interpreter at a messe (exhibition) and/or related events
・Guide interpreter - for research tours and/or to serve as a local guide

Modes of Interpreting Services
We offer the following modes of interpreting services in Japanese, English, German, Chinese and all other major European languages:

・Simultaneous interpreting:    
Real-time interpreting for conferences, large meetings, and high-level official talks. In general, the participants wear headphones and the interpreter renders the speaker's words into the target language as he or she is speaking. On account of the tremendous level of concentration required to perform this type of interpretation, simultaneous interpreters always work in teams of two or more. The interpreters often work in a sound-proof booth that enables everyone involved to focus on their work. Simultaneous interpreting is typical of large international conferences.

・Consecutive interpreting:        
The interpreter waits for the speaker to finish a sentence, a summary, or an idea, then renders the speaker's words into the target language.  Consecutive interpretation is best suited for situations involving a small number of people. This is typically suitable for standard business meetings, press conferences, interviews, teleconferences, or any type of one-on-one exchange.

・Whispered interpreting:           
The interpreter sits or stands next to, or amongst, the small target-language audience whilst whispering a simultaneous interpretation of the matter at hand; this method requires no equipment, but may be done via a microphone and headphones if the participants prefer. This is only applicable when the target audience is an individual or a small group.

We send high quality interpreters anywhere across the globe. Usually, locally based, experienced interpreters are assigned to each case. Our interpreters, however, may also accompany clients on their business trips if a client requests a specific interpreter or if the topic of subject matter is extremely complex or unique and therefore requires vast experience and a thorough knowledge of a particular field. For an exact quotation, please provide us with the following information:

(Information required for quotation)

・Date(s) that interpreting services are requested and the hours of interpreting required per day
・Specific area/field within the relevant industry (E.g. medical, business, legal, finance, auditing, IR, IT, or other)
・Type(s) of interpreting desired  (simultaneous, continuous, whispered)
・Languages pairing(s): original language and target language(s)
・Number of total attendees for the meeting(s)
・Purpose/type of event for which the interpreting will be done (negotiation, research, seminar, press release, sales meeting, international conference, etc.)
・Travel requirements: domestic or overseas trip(s)

Based on the above information, we will submit to our customers within 24-36 hours of receiving their request a detailed quotation, including interpreters’ CVs, photos, and a summary of their experiences in a similar field so that the most suitable interpreter can be dispatched. We aim to offer this select choice of interpreters so that each client can make the final decision as to who is the most appropriate for a particular occasion or purpose.

Upon a client’s request, we can also arrange a telephone interview with these interpreters to aid in the selection process.